Our History

Carlo Genetics was founded in 1987 by Lorne and Carol Penner as a supplier of quality boar semen. It was the first licensed Boar Stud in Manitoba and the fourth one in all of Canada, and it all began with just two imported boars housed in an insulated freight trailer in Ste. Anne, Manitoba.

In 1993, the business was incorporated, and a new barn that would house 40 boars was built. That location has increased its capacity to 300 boars - the same size as the second site which was established in 1997 in Landmark. The total boar capacity for both locations is now 600.

In addition to increasing barn sizes and making other quality and operational improvements, warehouses and bio-secure quarantine barns were built at each site. Adapting, changing and moving forward, everything done by Carlo Genetics Inc. is a reflection of our commitment and dedication to customer service and superior quality products. As industry leaders for over 30 years, you can count on us for superior technology, high health and top genetics.

Our Present

Carlo Genetics strives for excellence in semen quality to ensure the best reproduction possible. Quality pork production starts with semen at the AI station. It’s about control and the prevention of risks. The trend is decreasing sperm cells per insemination. Due to improved semen processing and insemination technology, as well as continuous monitoring of boar fertility and identification of sperm cell characteristics, the risks of smaller litters and lower fertilization rates are reduced. Better generations of boars are appearing faster and faster - fathers are being replaced by their sons who are already more efficient, have higher production and more offspring.

Fluorescent staining allows the identification of sperm cell characteristics that are not visible to the naked eye using regular microscopic techniques. Technology is improving genetic gain and the dissemination of superior genetics is going fast. Committed to being leaders in science for swine genetics, we use the most innovative technologies possible to distribute genetic progress faster, more effectively, and to more farms/sows.


Our Future

Genetic progress is expected to double in the next five years. International geneflow will enable genetic populations to increase and to be tested under global conditions. By collecting increased phenotypic and genomic data, genetic companies are selecting superior animals for the next generation. New reproduction techniques are emerging. Through innovations in quality assessment, semen evaluation has developed into a broader range of semen characteristics and this combination indicates the ability to further dilute and to fertilize in practice.

Carlo Genetics - Leaders in Science for Swine Genetics.