Katrin Braasch, General Manager

Katrin Braasch holds a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Manitoba and B.Sc. (Hons) in Biochemistry from the University of Winnipeg. While at the University of Manitoba, she oversaw multiple cross disciplinary projects both nationally and internationally.

Katrin also completed a Post Doctoral Fellowship at the University of British Columbia. The use of image-based cell analysis during her academic work has direct crossover benefits to understanding and working with the CASA and cell count programming in place at Carlo Genetics.

Katrin and her dedicated team will continue to serve customers with the same transparency for which Carlo Genetics is known. As General Manager, Katrin looks forward to the current and future advancements in the industry, and sees Carlo Genetics as being committed to continually improving in all aspects, while providing a superior quality product to more farms.

Originally from a small town outside Berlin, Germany, Katrin first visited Canada as an exchange student. She has lived full time in Manitoba since 2005 and, in addition to working with Carlo Genetics, Katrin runs a small, family cow-calf operation with her husband in Ste. Genevieve.


Sarah Ethier - Operations Manager

Sarah Ethier is a graduate of both Lethbridge College and the University of Saskatchewan Animal Science programs. Sarah joined Prairie Swine Centre Inc. after graduation as a research technician in the Ethology department. This valuable experience helped build a strong understanding of excellent animal husbandry practices which are critical to animal care, and are a particular asset to AI boar production.

Her time managing a large sheep farm operation provided hands-on experience in the unique challenges livestock and Manitoba weather can have on buildings and environmental control systems.

In her role as Carlo Genetics’ Operations Manager, Sarah brings a passion to animal husbandry, a drive to assure employee safety, and a keen interest in the real-world application of science and technology into everyday agriculture.


Annie Hamm - Logistics & Purchasing Manager

Annie Hamm grew up in southern Manitoba with her family. She and her husband settled down in Oakbluff where they ran a small convenience store, post office, and a drive-in restaurant. After relocating to the Landmark area, Annie joined Carlo Genetics in 2008 and worked in the lab before moving to the logistics department. Her years of experience in running a store served Annie well in managing order taking, customer service, and deliveries. Over the years Annie has used her extensive experience to improve the supply chain logistics while making sure that her Carlo team has everything needed to prepare the best doses possible.
As Logistics & Purchasing Manager, Annie Hamm oversees and integrates the supply of boar semen from three different locations to make sure that available product meets customer needs. Dedicated to the supply of high-quality semen, Annie and her expert team use a centralized order desk and dispatch unit to send semen throughout Manitoba, into Saskatchewan and Ontario, and are now exporting product to various countries on a weekly basis.
Annie and her logistics team understand and value the importance of meeting customer demand, supplying premium products, and they strive every day to meet their goal of excellence in service for Carlo Genetics’ customers.